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God Calls

The God Calls app is a new initiative given to the Church in England and Wales by the National Office for Vocation. Users are encouraged to use the app in order to allow the grace of God to lead them on a journey of spiritual adventure and discovery. The twofold focus of the app in helping to foster a living and authentic relationship with God and others is its genius.

Many leading Catholic figures have pointed to the practice of daily Mass as indispensable for growing in relationship with the Lord and discovering His will. The app has taken this on board and users can tune in more deeply to the daily life of the Church through it, with the readings for Mass and some prayers for different times of the day available for personal reflection. Also available are short biographies of saints of the day, with some questions for thought and room in the journal for jotting down any reflections.

God Calls can also be commended for showing users that the discernment of God’s voice takes time and that the journey needs to be shared with others, with news and events where Catholics can meet and worship together being a prominent focus of the app.

Altogether, the God Calls app is a welcome resource to help those of us who want to grow in our discipleship of Jesus and share that journey with others.