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General Election 2015: Bishops' Letter and Videos

Ahead of the general election on 7 May, the Bishops of England and Wales have written a letter to all the faithful encouraging their participation. It was released at a press conference hosted by Cardinal Vincent on 24 February.

The letter asks Catholics to think about what kind of society we are striving to create together at home and abroad and is built on 5 themes: dignity of the person, religious freedom, crisis of trust in society, creativity in enterprise and solidarity with the wider world.

The letter in full can be read HERE.

Catholic charities CAFOD and CSAN have also released their guides for voters in the general election. You can read them by clicking on their names.

Several of the Bishops of England and Wales have also recorded short videos expanding on the issues and questions raised by the Letter. 

Archbishop Peter Smith on the duty to vote

Cardinal Vincent Nichols on religious freedom

Bishop John Arnold on aid and development

Bishop Patrick Lynch on immigration

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon on Catholic education

Bishop Terry Drainey on domestic poverty

Bishop Peter Doyle on supporting marriage and family life

Bishop John Sherrington on respecting life