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Feltham youth carry out the works of Christian mercy

by Analiza Botelho

It is important to spend time with the elderly or sick who may be alone or unable to leave their homes during the cold winter. A group of 24 young people, from the community of St Lawrence Parish in Feltham, volunteered to visit 24 houses and spent a day with the elderly. 

The day started off with a reflection on the importance of looking after the elderly and supporting those who need our help and carried out, the work of Christian mercy: to visit the sick. Everybody got into groups of three and wore special vests to show members of the local community what they were doing. Every visit was enjoyable and informative as the young people were given insight into the lives of the elderly. The day ended with all the volunteers discussing their visits and sharing the different stories they heard from each home. 

Many volunteers felt the day had a positive impact on their lives. Adults, who organized the day felt it was a great success. Fr Peter Shekelton, Assistant Priest at the parish, thought ‘the day was a moving experience for both the youth and the people visited and should be repeated.’ 

Spending time with the elderly people in our local community is something small which can make a huge difference for others. The day was a simple and uncomplicated idea which connected the elderly, sick and housebound with the youth of the parish.