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Professor Ian Linden gives fourth Faith Matters Lecture

The Faith Matters Autumn Lecture series was concluded on 20 November by Professor Ian Linden, author of Global Catholicism and Director of Policy at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, at Westminster Cathedral Hall. Professor Linden spoke on the topic of ‘Finding God in other Cultures and Religions’ which considered the challenges and opportunities of religious pluralism for understanding 

Professor Linden in his lecture spoke on the topic of evangelisation and how we can best preach the Gospel in the present day by seeking to be aware of the work of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our complex world. Professor Linden spoke also of the complexity of religious pluralism which has been compounded by contemporary features - like migration, the internet, and urbanisation – and how in such an environment dialogue with other religions is paramount. 

This Faith Matters Lecture series sought to examine the theme of the first part of the Catechisis, what is faith and how do we believe? The complete collection of lectures given by our speakers are available here