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Louise Weaver, a parishioner from Our Lady of Mount Carmel & St George parish in Enfield will be walking 10,000 steps every day for 40 days to raise money for vulnerable families overseas.

From 17th February to 3rd April, Louise will be joining thousands of other CAFOD supporters to raise money for its Walk for Water campaign. 

Sharing why this cause is important to her, Louise says:

'I don’t want to take my access to clean, safe water for granted, and this is a COVID-safe way to both fundraise and raise awareness. Come rain or shine, I’m looking forward to completing this challenge, because it’s going to be an opportunity to reflect, pray and try to understand the very real and difficult challenges faced by people around the world.'

Despite the challenges faced by all, Louise feels that the daily struggles of families living in some of the world's fragile countries mustn't be forgotten.

'The last year has been awful and it’s easy to get wrapped up in my own "world" and forget the problems that others are continually facing. I would encourage everyone to take the chance to pause their busy lives, it costs nothing; just a pair of decent shoes. This is a chance to make a significant difference to other people’s lives!'

Tony Sheen, CAFOD’s Community Participation Co-ordinator in the Diocese, said:    

'It is so inspiring to hear Louise's story, CAFOD says a big thank you to her and thousands of supporters who are embarking on their "Walk for Water" challenge.  This Lent they will be transforming lives.          

'We will be working with local aid experts and communities to find the best solutions in each place where we work – whether it’s a well, a piped system or rain harvesting.     

'Coordinating sanitation and hygiene training will also be a part of this work, as well as setting up local water committees, allowing communities to take ownership and keep the water flowing.        

'Our years of knowledge and the experience of local aid workers tell us, that when families have availability to clean, safe water, people’s lives can be transformed.'

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