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Deputy Prime Minister visits outstanding St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg and Minister of State for Schools, David Laws visited St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Camden on Wednesday 17 July.

The school has achieved remarkable Key Stage results this year. In a congratulatory letter, David Laws wrote: “The overall percentage of your pupils achieving Level 4+, combined with excellent rates of progress in both English and mathematics place you amongst the top performing primary schools this year”.

Laws went on to highlight the necessity of English and mathematics at the secondary school level, stating: “These pupils now have a really good start for the next stage of their education.”

The school visit came as Nick Clegg announced his plans to increase funding for children entitled to receive the Pupil Premium. In a speech to parliament David Laws declared that “we have been sending out a message about what success looks like at the end of primary school which is totally wrong”. He further stated that schools like St. Joseph’s, which have well exceeded the lowest measure of achievement for primary schools, are “leading the debate in education” and the Government needs to respond.

The full congratulatory letter from David Laws can be read on the primary school’s website: The full speech given by Laws can be read at: