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CTS: 150 years of evangelisation

To mark the 150th anniversary of the Catholic Truth Society (CTS), Cardinal Vincent, along with bishops and priests from the around the country, celebrated a thanksgiving Mass at Westminster Cathedral on 19th June, the anniversary of the death in 1903 of Cardinal Vaughan, who founded the CTS.

In his homily, Cardinal Vincent spoke of Cardinal Vaughan’s two great legacies: Westminster Cathedral and the CTS. Like the beauty of the cathedral, which is ‘purposeful’ and ‘there to lead us towards Jesus Christ, who is our Truth,’ the ‘truth which the CTS seeks to disseminate in its publications engages and transforms’ and ‘points the way to Christ our Truth’.

The Cardinal noted: ‘Box-tenders and parish “reps” of the CTS down the ages were and are agents of evangelisation. Those who write the pamphlets did so and do so, in the end, to kindle a flame of love for the things of God, to whet the appetite for more.’

As publishers to the Holy See since 1964, ‘the CTS has played a pivotal role in communicating the teaching of the Magisterium,’ he added.

Giving thanks for CTS’ 150 years, the Cardinal said: ‘it is our fervent, and confident, prayer that the truth to which the Society has borne such steadfast witness in past years will, in the years to come, bring many to a deeper appreciation of the beauties of our Catholic faith, and inspire them to live that beauty in the goodness of their lives’.