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Fr Joseph Liang, the Chinese Catholic Chaplain in the Diocese of Westminster has recorded a heartfelt message encouraging members of the Chinese Catholic community to take up the offer of a vaccine against Covid-19. 

English translation of the message:

Hello everyone! I am the Chinese Catholic Chaplain for the Diocese of Westminster. As we all know, since January 2020 the entire world has been gradually affected by Covid-19.  The virus has spread so fast and the number of deaths is so very high. The entire world has been plunged into darkness and our lives have fallen into an abnormal situation. 

One important matter that we all have to face is how to overcome this pandemic. Thanks to medical experts, we now have several vaccines that can defeat Covid-19. Already millions of people have received the vaccine.  Some people, though, are still worried about the vaccine or, for some reason, do not want to receive it.  But the vaccines work very well: this we know from the feedback we get both in the news and from friends who have received the vaccine. 

If you have any questions about the vaccine, you can contact your GP, or go online, and find the answer to your question. The government now also encourages everyone to receive the vaccine. The vaccine not only protects each one of us, but also helps to protect others. 

I received the vaccine on 3rd February. I did not have any reaction after I had it. Our Pope, many bishops and many priests have received the vaccine as well. 

Receiving the vaccine will allow us all to return to our normal lives.  So, I say this to encourage all Chinese people in the UK: if you have the opportunity to receive the vaccine, please receive it. 

May God bless us all!  By the grace of the Lord, may we fight this pandemic, together with all the people of the country where we live. 

Photo: Members of the Chinese Catholic community attending the International Mass in Westminster Cathedral in 2019 (Mazur/