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Cardinal Nichols leads prayer at Walk of Witness and Passion Play

Cardinal Vincent joined the clergy and the congregation of Westminster Cathedral in a Walk of Witness on Victoria Street with hundreds of other Christians from Westminster Abbey and Methodist Central Hall, in memory of the Crucifixion of Christ.

The procession was led by a man carrying a Cross, symbolising Christ’s journey to His death. During the Walk of Witness Cardinal Vincent, alongside Canon David Stanton and the Reverend Martin Turner, preached to the assembled crowd. Cardinal Vincent spoke about the divinity and humanity in the person of Christ:

‘Jesus, truly God, truly man. That is essential to why we are here today. If Jesus is not truly God then he cannot save us, if Jesus is not truly man then he is out of our reach. But he is both God and man and therefore our divine saviour.’

‘This is important also for our relationship with him; a real, living relationship. Jesus is not a memory or a record in a book but a living presence of God in our hearts.’

After the Walk of Witness Cardinal Vincent attended the annual Passion Play held in Trafalgar Square and performed by the Wintershall Players. Afterwards he gave a reflection on the life of Jesus, often called the greatest story ever told, about how it must not be seen as fiction or myth but as a real event in the history of our world.