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Cardinal Hume's Lent Reflections

As we journey through Lent, the Cardinal Hume Centre has made available some of its founder’s reflections to mark each week of the season.

The words of Cardinal Hume continue to give guidance and purpose to the Cardinal Hume Centre. His pragmatism and prayerfulness are still at the roots of the Centre. Benedictine values of welcome and providing a place of sanctuary are what make the Centre such a special place.

The reflections for each week of Lent offer an insight from the Cardinal’s writings, a call to prayer for the work of the Centre, and an opportunity to hear from someone supported by it. People like Laura, who says in the booklet, ‘I was nervous about coming to the Centre, but when I did, I was so impressed. I thought, finally here are human beings with a heart, and I started to feel hope again.’

The printed booklet is available by contacting Nikita Ferguson by email or calling 0207 222 1671.

In a recent video, Cardinal Vincent, the Centre’s Patron, talks of Lent as a time of cleansing and of ‘getting ourselves right’.

Looking at the links between Lent and the work of the Centre, Cardinal Vincent says the Centre ‘can bring people from a bit of a wilderness, from a time in the desert, and help them to grow, to purify themselves, to get themselves together again, to get their minds right. The Centre helps people to see their abilities, and then – as it were – to rise to a new life.’

The Cardinal Hume Centre works with homeless young people, families in need and many others to gain the skills they need to overcome poverty and homelessness. Fore more information, please click HERE.