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Canonisation to be screened in cinemas in the Diocese

Omniverse Vision in partnership with Nexo Digital and Sky 3D is excited to announce that the double canonisation of John Paul II and John XXIII will be broadcast to cinemas across the Diocese of Westminster in 3D live from Vatican City on Sunday 27th April.       

At a press conference in the Vatican, CTV chief Monignor Dario Vigano said the live transmission will require “more satellites than the Sochi Olympics.” Vigano underlined that the Vatican decided to offer the canonisation ceremony to the world in 3D in order to give people who would want to attend but cannot, for many reasons including economic ones, the chance to get a “fully immersive” experience. The production will use 13 3D cameras positioned in spots that will give a unique and exclusive vantage point of St Peter’s Square.

Roughly five million pilgrims are expected in Rome for the event, which will see four popes united in St Peter’s, given that the Vatican has confirmed that former Pope Benedict XVI will attend.

The event will be free although there may be a nominal charge for the glasses.

Cinemas screening the canonisation can be found HERE