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Bishop Sherrington Blesses 'Francis Room' in Brook Green

On 2 October, the Rt. Rev. John Sherrington, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, officially blessed and opened a new building dedicated to St Francis of Assisi at Larmenier and Sacred Heart Primary School in Brook Green.

The new building is a modern, multi-purpose block away from the main school and fully equipped with an interactive whiteboard and cooking facilities. There are also two small adjoining gardens; a grassy space and a vegetable plot which will surely become a point of interest for many pupils as they try to grow their own produce. It is the completion of a two year plan which was welcomed by all those present for its opening.

After welcoming the Bishop, Year 6 students provided the parents and friends of the school and their fellow students with a drama telling the story of the life of St Francis with drama and song. It was a pleasant and well-orchestrated affair with told a story to many who may have been aware of it. The Bishop was keen to praise the children for their telling of the story and what it teaches us about poverty and sharing. The children should also be praised for their fantastic behaviour which did not go unnoticed by their teachers and the Bishop after.

After blessing an impressive icon of St Francis and hanging it on the wall in the new block, the Bishop blessed the room and all those who would use it. He told the pupils gathered that he hoped that they will want more from life as Francis did and will use God’s gifts to achieve what they wanted to achieve and become friends of Jesus. He also reminded them to pray for His Holiness at the icon at a time when the Holy Father seeks to reform the worldwide Church.

The room’s functionality is one of the its greatest assets according to headmistress, Sister Hannah Dwyer. “The room will let the children have space outside of the classroom environment and will be used for more than just their educational needs. It has been designed and built with the development of the children’s emotional, spiritual and social development as well”. These thoughts were echoed by Chair of Governors, Mr Dominic McGonigal who said “it is a great addition to the school and it is great to see the children running to go out there to work for whatever lesson – English, Maths, Science, Cookery – the room can be used for all”.