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Bishop Sherrington address to Secondary school headteachers

Bishop John Sherrington, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster gave the keynote address entitled 'Growing Communities of Faith in our Schools' to the Secondary School Head Teachers Conference for the Diocese of Westminster.

The address draws on the themes of the Year of Faith and looked at six areas:

First Step: the Importance of Witness
Second Step: Recognising one’s operative narrative
Third Step: Touched by the mystery of God’s love
Fourth Step: Conversion to the Gospel
Fifth Step: Faith working through love
Sixth Step: Go forth and do likewise

Bishop Sherrington encouraged teachers to witness to the Catholic faith. He said: "The witness to the life of Catholic faith by school leaders and staff is vital to the life of our schools....Witness is about life. Teenagers are generally very critical of hypocrisy as they perceive it and respect integrity. therefore the witness of staff to faith, charity, justice and forgiveness is the first step in building and inspiring the faith of students."

The full text of the address can be read by downloading the pdf in the Related Files section of this page.