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Bishop Nicholas Visits the Chaldean Catholic Mission

by Robert Ewan

Bishop Nicholas joined the Iraqi Catholic Chaldean community at the Holy Family Church in west London for the celebration of their Eucharistic Liturgy on Sunday 25 October.
Bishop Hudson said: ‘I was deeply moved to be able to celebrate Mass for the Chaldean community last Sunday in West Acton. Fr Neil Reynolds, Parish Priest of Holy Family, was most welcoming, as were Fr Nadheer Dako and all the members of the Chaldean community. I was impressed by the music, the serving and the real prayerfulness of the liturgy.’
Referring to his visit to Erbil, Iraq with Cardinal Vincent, Bishop Nicholas recalled: ‘It was Fr Douglas who welcomed the Cardinal and me to the refugee camp at Mar Qardakh in Ankawa, northern Iraq. The first thing he told us was, “We call them not refugees but relatives.” When I came to celebrate Eucharist in West Acton, I felt I was among relatives too, relatives I hope I can see often!’
Fr Nadheer, the Chaldean chaplain, said: ‘It has been a huge privilege to host Bishop Nicholas. We have been encouraged and uplifted for his personal attention to the church of Mesopotamia in and outside of Iraq and in this country. It was a truly memorable and enjoyable occasion for our church.’
After Mass, everyone was invited to the church hall to enjoy heart-warming Chaldean hospitality and the array of delicious Iraqi cuisine.