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The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales have issued a statement  which advises that from Pentecost 2014 the only musical settings of the Ordinary of the Mass (in English translation) that may be used at Mass are ones that use the current English translation.

When the new translation was introduced permission was given for a transitional period to continue to use the previous translation if the particular text was being sung. That transitional period is now coming to an end.

To assist parishes, schools and other communities that are still using musical settings using former translations the Society of St Gregory has produced Keep Calm, a simple guide to how to proceed, and an outline of a workshop that might be used by deaneries and diocesan agencies to offer help and support. (Both are available to download in the related files section of this page - see above right).

Incidentally the workshop guide is based on a pattern used several times over the past months in our Diocese - so it is tried and tested!)