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Careful preparation for the celebration of Mass is one way in which we show our awareness of the importance of the Mass. It is also one way in which those responsible for the preparation show their respect for those who will be celebrating the Mass, particularly for the congregation at Mass.

Sometimes the preparation of Mass is entrusted to those who have not had the opportunity for proper training in their task.

A series of work sheets has been prepared to help those carrying out these important responsibilities understand what is expected of them and of those they are working with.

They have been prepared with the needs of schools and school teachers especially in mind, but they are likely to be of help in chaplaincies and parishes also.

The sheets offer information and practical suggestions. They will also help with the over-all coordination of the preparation of the Mass. Not everyone will need the whole range of sheets. Those who are only beginning to review the way they prepare and celebrate are advised to start with the sheets that deal with the matters that are most pressing and proceed accordingly.


Altar servers

Ministering Holy Communion

Ministering the Word of God

Music at Mass

Preparing the Mass

Signs and symbols at Mass

The Mass

The Offertory Procession

Preparing the place for Mass

The Prayer of the Faithful

The Priest


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