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What is Catechesis?

The word ‘Catechesis’ is rooted in the Greek verb ‘katechein’ which means ‘resound’, or ‘echo’. It is ‘aimed, as its very name indicates, at making the proclamation of Christ's passion, death and resurrection continually resound in the heart of every person, so that his life may be transformed.’ (Directory for Catechesis 55). Catechesis is the sharing of faith, thus the catechist is more than teacher, but one who witnesses to his or her own faith in the process of leading others to a living relationship with Jesus Christ. ‘…it is accompaniment, education, and formation in the faith and for the faith, an introduction to the celebration of the Mystery, illumination and interpretation of human life and history.’ (Directory for Catechesis 55)

Catechesis is a lifelong process, initial conversion, formation, education and continuing formation and thus involves children, young people and adults, in fact, the whole of the Christian community. Its tasks are: leading to knowledge of the faith; initiating into the celebration of the Mystery; forming for life in Christ; teaching to pray; and introducing to community life.


The safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults is at the heart of the Church's mission. 

Those who volunteer to be regularly working with children, young people or vulnerable adults are required to subscribe to the Diocesan Safer Recruitment Process, part of which is a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check by the Diocese of Westminster.

For full details of the requirements refer to your Parish Safeguarding Representative (PSR).

For general information regarding safeguarding in the Diocese click here

Sacraments & Diocesan Policy

Information regarding the policy of the Diocese for sacramental preparation can be found here.

The Ministry of Catechist

In May 2021, Pope Francis issued a Motu Proprio, an Apostolic Letter Instituting the Ministry of Catechist.

The following graphics from the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network, gives us some thoughts on the ministry of the catechist.  Further reflections from Pope Francis can be found on this short video.