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The word "Catechesis" is rooted in the Greek verb katekhein, to resound or echo. St. Luke in Acts uses the verb as "instructing in the way of the Lord."  Catechesis is based on Scripture, Tradition and Liturgy, as well as on the teaching authority and life of the Church. Its purpose is to develop a living, explicit and active faith through the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church. A systematic formation to become a catechist includes the study of the history, nature, goals, principles and process of catechesis.

Catechetics is interdisciplinary since it draws from other fields, such as theology, biblical studies and social sciences. Its main concern is a process of growth in the faith. Therefore, the purpose of catechetics is to instruct the individual in the teaching of the Bible and the Tradition of the Church.

This part of the website gives full details regarding the various opportunities on offer to every member of the diocese.

Summer Gathering for Catechists

Our annual Summer Gathering for Catechists of the Diocese this year - 'Catechists - Missionaries with Mud on their Shoes' - will take place on Saturday 10th July, 10am - 2.30pm, via zoom. Full details can be found here .

We look forward to seeing you.

External Training Courses

The diocese is working with external institutions to provide recognised training programmes for catechists and anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of the faith. For more information, please email:

'Learn From Me': Certificate Courses

More information can be found at the Learn From Me page of this website.

Catechist Training Courses being run in the Diocese

Courses are now being offered by the catechetical team.  These can be either parish specific or hosted by a parish and open to catechists across the diocese.  For further enquiries contact Mary Crowley 

Upcoming course:

16th October 2021

Preparing Teenagers for Confirmation – an Introduction

Time: 10.15am-1pm

Venue: St Bartholemew, 47 Vesta Avenue, St Albans, AL1 2PE

Course Description

This  session considers how catechists work with teenagers preparing for confirmation, looking at

•              A short history of the sacrament

•             What guidelines does the Church give us? 

•             What should be included in the programme?  

•             Considering methods and resources

Please book via email: 

Spiritual Support for Catechists: Reflecting on Saints and Blessèds of Catechesis

This is an online opportunity for catechists to gather online in prayer and reflection with a saint or blessed for whom the work of catechesis formed a  part of their ministry.   Reflection sheets and more information can be found at the Learn From Me page of this website.  Dates of future sessions can be found on Events