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Cardinal Vincent welcomed the publication of Coming Home – tackling the housing crisis together, the report of the Commission of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York on Housing, Church and Community, calling it timely.

Commenting on the report, he said: ‘The provision of secure, decent housing for all is a hallmark of a good society. The fact that some 8 million of our fellow citizens are today living in overcrowded, unaffordable or unsuitable housing in one of the richest countries on earth should shame us. So too should the fact that over 4,000 people will sleep rough in England tonight.

‘This report puts forward a positive vision of what makes for good homes and proposes an extended programme of cooperation in order to achieve this vision.

‘The report asks for action, not just from government, but from all of us. Change for the better can only be achieved by a radical reshaping of calculations involved in the provision of housing and by a wide and generous cooperation between us all.

‘I look forward to the unfolding of this report.’

The report, published on 21st February, establishes a vision for good housing based on five core values: sustainable, safe, stable, sociable and satisfying. The report makes a number of recommendations to government, the main one being to establish a long-term strategy for housing with clear goals.

The report also calls on all actors in the housing sector, local government, churches, landlords and all in society ‘to share responsibility for change’ with the aim of ‘creating homes that enable all of us to live well and flourish together’.

The full report is available on the Commission’s website. 

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