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Cardinal Vincent welcomed new Catholics, who were received into the Church at Easter in parishes throughout the diocese, at the Vigil Mass of the Seventh Sunday of Easter, 1st June 2019, at Westminster Cathedral.

Addressing his homily to them, he said: 'As we come towards the end of the season of Easter, this is a fitting moment to welcome you again and to reflect on the great gift you have received, the gift of faith in Jesus and in his presence in the Catholic Church.'

This Mass, said the Cardinal, 'is also for us all, so that we all may be renewed Catholics, inspired by the freshness of this new faith.' 

We look to Jesus who 'is both our origin and our destiny. We have been called into life, each one of us, so that we may find our way home to him for all eternity.'

Recognising that 'our lives can be shrouded in darkness: the darkness of pain, of confusion, of conflict, of a seemingly total loss of inner peace,' he said, 'in Jesus, is the light that overcomes all darkness. His light is a shining invitation.' 

Reminding all present of the call to share the Good News of the Gospel, he said: 'As we rejoice so whole-heartedly today in this invitation, and in the gift of faith that enables us to respond to it, let us remember that it is addressed to all who are thirsty. They are many. We know them. It is now for us to take that same invitation to them, prompted by the same Holy Spirit and repeating the words of the Church, the Bride of Christ: "Come. Please come and see. He is here for you too!" This is our mission and our privilege.'

New Catholics who attended the Mass were accompanied by their priests, catechists, sponsors, and families and friends.

Please keep all who were newly received into the Church in your prayers.