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Following news of multiple explosions at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, which have claimed over 250 lives and left hundreds injured, Cardinal Vincent has written to Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal Albert Malcolm Ranjith, Sri Lankan High Commissioner to the UK Manisha Gunasekera, and Sri Lankan Catholics in the diocese to offer condolences and prayers. 

The Cardinal expressed his dismay at the 'sad and shocking news of the bombings at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, after the recent years of peace'. 

He offers prayers 'for those who have died' and 'those who have been injured, and whose lives have been radically changed by this violence'. 

The Cardinal also expressed 'deep dismay that those targeted and killed include Catholics gathering to celebrate the joy of Easter. They have a special place in our prayers'. 

He adds: 'We remember in our prayers especially this morning the Sri Lankan community in England and Wales, many of whom may well have direct connections with those caught up in these atrocities.

'May the risen Lord strengthen all people in Sri Lanka, and nurture in them an unquenchable hope, both in the promise of heaven and in our capacity to contribute to the building of a peaceful society.'


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