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On Tuesday 26th January, the UK government announced that the number of deaths from Covid-19 has surpassed 100,000. Upon hearing the news, Cardinal Vincent offered his prayers for all who have died, all who mourn them, and all who serve in the fight against the pandemic. He writes:

'A day of great sadness all over the land. So many people, families, communities,  remembering those who have died in these terrible months of the pandemic. Each one is mourned. Each one is to be prayed for.

'This is our instinct, our faith, our practice. Our prayer is rooted in the faith that, in death, life is changed, not ended, for the promise of eternal life opens the door of hope even in our darkest moments.

'I pray for each and everyone, those who have died, those who mourn, those who serve. Please, please, join me in that prayer.'

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