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Following the tragic death on Monday of Fr Olivier Maire, Provincial Superior of France for the Montfort Missionaries, Cardinal Vincent has written to the superior general of the Montfort Missionaries offering prayers and condolences. In his message he writes:

'I have learned this morning of the cruel killing of Fr Olivier Maire. I write to express my condolences to you and to all your colleagues.

'Five years ago, on a visit to St Laurent, I was warmly welcomed by Fr Olivier and I still recall his kindness and the lovely lunch that was offered.

'He will be so sadly missed and the manner of his death is so tragic. The hospitality he offered was given in the name of Jesus. So his untimely death is also a witness to that Name and to the selfless service to which He calls us.

'May Fr Olivier be welcomed into the arms of our Heavenly Father and may you, and all your fellow Montfortians, sisters, brothers and fathers, be consoled in your sadness.

'I celebrated Mass for Fr Olivier this morning.

'With my prayers and condolences,

'Cardinal Vincent Nichols.'

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