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Cardinal Vincent congratulates Cardinal-elect Michael Czerny SJ

Following the announcement by Pope Francis of  Fr Michael Czerny SJ among the ten new cardinals to be nominated at the consistory on 5th October, Cardinal Vincent has written to the Cardinal-elect congratulating him, saying it was 'both surprising and delightful', and reassuring him of prayers as he takes up 'this new role and the duties that are surely to follow'.

In the letter, Cardinal Vincent writes:

'Congratulations on your nomination to the College of Cardinals! 

'This news is both surprising and delightful.  I am sure that this has taken you quite a while to absorb the impact of this appointment. 

'I hope that this means you will be able to continue your exceptional work in the Holy See, especially for migrants and victims of human trafficking, now with additional impetus. 

'I also have to say, regretfully, that I cannot be at the Consistory on 5th October as that weekend there is a meeting of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences of which I am a vice president.  Our president, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, will be present while his two vice presidents will remain in Santiago de Compostela for the meeting.

'Michael, please be sure of my prayers and those of all the Bishops of England and Wales as you take up this new role and the duties that will surely follow.'

Cardinal-elect Michael Czerny is the Undersecretary of the Migrants and Refugees Section of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

In the announcement, Pope Francis explained that 'the places where these new Cardinals come from express the missionary vocation of the Church as she continues to announce the merciful love of God to every person on earth'.

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