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Curriculum Resources to Support the teaching of Religious Education

The Diocesan Policy on Religious Education (2012) relating to schemes of work and programmes of study encourages individual schools to utilise whichever resources best suit the needs of the children within their schools.It also commits the Diocese to support schools in implementing the requirements of the Curriculum Directory and other norms of the Bishops’ Conference. In recent years this Diocesan support has focussed on agreeing and developing a fuller understanding of the national Levels of Attainment and on improving the teaching of Scripture. Resources have been produced to assist schools in this.


Resources supporting the Catholic Programme, Come and See, can be found at:

Resources supporting The Way, The Truth and The Life, programme which covers from Foundation Stage to Year 9 can be found at:

Resources supporting the Catholic KS3 Framework People of God, Called to Serve can be found at:


Sr Mary Jo Martin talks with pupils at St Dominic's about Pentecostal People:



At the foot of the right hand column, Release Peace is a resource which is available for use across all phases.


Resource Notes have been compiled to complement the reference in the document Celebrating the Mass Primary Resources and Links which drew attention to two DVDs of Mass in the Roman Rite in use before Vatican II that can be viewed below.

Download the Resource Notes here.