Growing in Faith

On Corpus Christi 2013, the clergy and faithful in the Diocese of Westminster are invited to give unique witness to our belief in the Eucharist and our desire to deepen our relationship with Jesus with participation in Eucharistic Adoration. A booklet has been prepared with three possible Holy Hours - click on the links below for the booklet and accopanying poster.

Holy Hour for Corpus Christi 2013 Booklet (1.6MB)

Holy Hour  for Corpus Christi 2013 Poster (1MB)

Holy Hour for Corpus Christ 2013 banner image for parish websites (75KB)


Websites and booklets

There will be hundreds of books and websites dedicated to the Year of Faith. How best to know where to start? We have selected a few to get you started. Please email us with your suggestions, if you come across any that you like at

Year of Faith Vatican Website

The Official Year of Faith Website from the Vatican. It contains everything you need to know and is official!

Don’t forget the Diocesan website It contains all the latest news, events and stories. You can also find your nearest church or Catholic school. We hope it will have a new look to celebrate the Year of Faith!

Bishops Conference Website

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference website has a section devoted to the Year of Faith. It provides a comprehensive on-line overview to subjects such as the Bishops Meeting on New Evangelisation, the Second Vatican Council and its Constitution, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and events and links.

Sparks of LightSparks of Light is a booklet, intended for small groups, which encourages reflection on the universal call to holiness using the examples of four contemporary saints. Themes include: Prudence (St Gianna Molla); Justice (St David Roldan-Lara); Fortitude (St Josephine Bakhita) and Temperance (Bl Pier Giorgio Frassati).  Also includes supplementary materials and daily prayer based on the Divine Office. You can order online at or call 020 7798 9152

The Diocese of Westminster in collaboration with the Home Mission Desk at the Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales have produced a booklet for groups and families to share their faith and to reflect on Scripture. The booklet takes its title, ‘Radiating Christ’, from Blessed John Henry Newman’s poem of the same name. Over the course of six group sessions, and by using other materials included in the booklet, participants will explore the nature of faith, the person of Jesus, the gift of the Body of Christ and the essential mission of the Church – to spread the Good News. Your parish may have already recived copies, but you can order online at or call 020 7798 9152

Year of Faith BookletsTwo new booklets have been pubished by the CTS as guides to the Year of Faith. Companion to Faith by Rev Nick Donnelly provides practical suggestions and ideas to help deepen our understanding of the Catholic faith.

Following the usual small and compact format used by CTS, this booklet is divided into 12 sections and so can be applied month by month throughout the year. Each section makes 12 recommendations to help us better experience and immerse ourselves in the faith. Section by section the author suggests 12 Catholic films, books, prayers for the Year of Faith, modern Catholics and saints we should know, blogs and websites we should read, scientists, works of art and devotions that the reader should experience.

There are also very special sections entitled "12 steps to make a simple rule of life", "12 things you could try during the year of faith" and "12 paragraphs of the Catechism of the Catholic Church you should read". Together, these provide a very real experience of what is described as the Symphony of Faith.

The second booklet, Year of Faith Prayer Book edited by Barry R Pearlman helps the reader to structure his or her prayer life through daily devotions and periodic prayer and reflection. There is a beautiful accompaniment to praying the Rosary plus prayers for a wide ranging number of causes including personal petitions for faith, for hope, for charity, for humility, for wisdom, patience and final perseverance.

Together these two books will equip Catholics with comprehensive aide to refreshing their spiritual lives during the coming Year of Faith. They provide a handy source of inspiration in pocket sized books that can travel with the reader where ever they journey.

Order from the CTS by going to their website or call 020 7640 0042