First Year Seminarian Daniel Daley

My name is Dan and I am a first year seminarian for the Diocese of Westminster. I was raised a Catholic, went to a Catholic primary, secondary school and college in Harrow, in the north west of London. I regularly attended Mass at my local church, St George’s and became and altar server. So God has always been a part of my life.
At eighteen I did consider the priesthood but thought it was not for me because I could not see myself in such bizarre clothes! Instead I went to university, got my degree and became a banker, just after the financial crisis of 2010! I enjoyed my work and earned enough to do what I have loved to since I was small boy: play football!
However, despite having all I thought I wanted, it felt like there was something missing. My manager at the bank had a conversation with me one day about my future and I told him I had once considered the priesthood. His response was not what I had expected: he told me that unless I gave it a go I would never know.
It was this conversation that spurred me to act and to explore God’s call for me. This led me to the seminary in Valladolid, Spain where I had the opportunity to explore a new culture and to fulfil a dream to see Barcelona play at the Nou Camp! I am now studying at Allen Hall. It is an intense but rewarding journey and I thank God every day for the opportunity.

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