Seminarian Alejandro Garcia

Before entering seminary, I had struggled for many years in the attempt to find happiness. Times were tough growing up, as my parents were migrants from Mexico. My family and I experienced many financial problems which caused arguments and clashes between my parents, and that was difficult for me as a child to witness. So I attempted to seek happiness outside of my home, but the more I searched the emptier and more unsatisfied I felt.
My parents insisted that we go to church. I was quite rebellious, thinking that God could not fix the mess in my family, but somehow the word of God I listened to in my Neocatechumenal community stuck with me. It began to give me a sense of hope, saying that God loves me exactly as I am.
This struck me so much that I began to go to church willingly, seeking to understand how exactly God could love me despite all the problems. The more I searched for God, the more I could see him acting in my life. I saw this clearly in the fact that, even with all the suffering, my parents still remained together.
As I grew older, I began to go on pilgrimage. One that struck me in particular was World Youth Day in Brazil in 2013. In this experience, I felt a calling from Jesus Christ to follow him. Thus I decided to enter seminary in order to discern if God is calling me to the priesthood. In these two years of formation, I have learned that, in following the will of God, I can find

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