Year of Consecrated Life Mass

Pope Francis has announced that 2015 will be a year dedicated to Consecrated Life. Beginning on 30 November and continuing until 2 February 2016, this will serve as an opportunity for all to celebrate and reflect on those living out the witness of consecration in the Church. They themselves are especially invited to make grateful remembrance of the recent past, embrace the future with hope and live the present with passion.
In an interview given earlier this year, the Pope said: ‘Evangelical radicalness is not only for Religious: it is demanded of all. But Religious follow the Lord in a special prophetic way. It is this witness that I expect of you. Religious should be men and women able to wake up the world.’

In a letter entitled ‘Rejoice: A message from the teachings of Pope Francis’, the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life looks forward to the year being ‘experienced in such a way that the whole Church may enjoy the fruits of the mystery of communion which it lives.’

To mark the opening of this special year, Cardinal Vincent will celebrate Mass at Westminster Cathedral at 2 pm on 29 November.

In future issues, we will bring you news of other events being organised to help us all become more aware of and give thanks for the witness of Religious men and women.