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Come to a Seekers' Meeting

A series of Seekers' Meetings are scheduled at Allen Hall Seminary for those who would like to discern a possible vocation. The dates are:

  • 26th Sept 2017
  • 31st October 2017
  • 28th November 2017
  • 30th January 2018
  • 27th February 2018
  • 24th April 2018
  • 29th May 2018

The timetable will be as follows:

6:00 pm Evening Prayer and Mass
7:00 pm Supper
7.30-8.30 pm  Seekers' meeting in.

Attendance at the meeting is by invitation of the Vocations Promoter. If interested, please contact:

Canon Stuart Wilson
Spiritual Director
Allen Hall Seminary
28 Beaufort Street
Tel: 020 7349 5620
Email: stuartwilson@rcdow.org.uk

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