Religious Orders in the Diocese of Westminster

Female - Apostolic orders

Adoratrices - www.adoratrices.com

Religious of the Assumption - www.assumptionreligious.org

Canonesses of St Augustine (Congregation of Our Lady) - www.cnd-csa.org 

Carmelite Missionaries -  www.carmelitasmisioneras.org

Religious Sisters of Charity - www.religioussistersofcharity.org           

Sisters of Charity of St Jeanne Antide - www.scsja.org

Sisters of Charity of St Paul the Apostle - www.sellypark.org

Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul - www.daughtersofcharity.org.uk

Comboni Missionary Sisters - www.comboniane.org/home.aspx?l=EN

Daughters of the Cross of Liege - www.daughtersofthecross.org.uk

Sisters of the Holy Cross - www.holycrossengland.org.uk

Daughters of Divine Love - www.ddlenglishregion.org

Congregation of The Dominican Sisters of Newcastle Natal -  www.dominicansisters.co.uk

Faithful Companions of Jesus - www.fcjsisters.org

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary - www.fmmii.org

Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus - www.hhcjsisters.org

Holy Family of Bordeaux - www.holyfamilybordeaux.org

Holy Family Sisters of the Needy - www.hfsistersoftheneedy.org

Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth - www.nazarethfamily.org

Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre - www.canonesses.co.uk

Helpers of the Holy Souls - www.societyofhelpersgb.org
Religious of Mary Immaculate - www.rmilondonhostel.org

Congregation of Jesus - www.cjengland.org

Daughters of Jesus - www.fillesdejesus.org

Little Sisters of Jesus - www.jesuscaritas.info/jcd/lsj

Sisters of St John of God - www.ssjg.org

Sisters of St Joseph of Peace - www.csjp.org

Sisters of St Louis - www.stlouissisters.org/england/index.html

Marist Sisters - www.marists.org

Little Company of Mary - www.lcmsisters.org

Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto Sisters) - www.ibvm.org.uk 

Medical Mission Sisters - www.medicalmissionsisters-uk.org

Medical Missionaries of Mary - www.mmmworldwide.org

Sisters of St Mary of Namur - www.sistersofstmary.co.uk

Institute of Our Lady of Mercy - www.ourladyofmercy.org.uk

Sisters of Mercy - www.sistersofmercygravesend.co.uk

Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth - www.sistersofnazareth.com

Sisters of Notre Dame (de Namur) - www.snduk.org 

School Sisters Notre Dame - www.gerhardinger.org - www.ssnd.org

Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions - www.rndm.org

Congregation of Our Lady of Sion - www.sistersofourladyofsion.org

Pallotine Missionary Sisters - www.pallottinesisters.org

Sisters of St Paul of Chartres - www.stpaulrome.com

Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ - www.poorhandmaidsofjesuschrist.org.uk

Little Sisters of the Poor - www.lsplondon.co.uk

Poor Servants of the Mother of God - www.poorservants.com

Sisters of Providence of Ruille-sur-Loir - www.providenceruillesurloir.com/english

Society of the Sacred Heart - www.societysacredheart.org.uk - www.societyofthesacredheartvocations.org.uk

Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - www.acilondon.org.uk

Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - www.sistershospitallers.org

Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (Beziers) - www.rshm-nep.org

Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary - www.sacredheartsjm.org

Servite Sisters (Servants of Mary) - www.servitesistersinternational.org

Union of the Sisters of Mercy - www.sistersofmercyunion.org.uk     

Ursulines of Jesus - www.ursulinesjesus.org     

Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity - http://uk.verbumdei.org/ 

Female enclosed communities

Benedictines - www.tyburnconvent.org.uk

Carmelites - www.carmelitesnottinghill.org.uk

Poor Clares - www.arkleypoorclares.weebly.com 


Male orders of brothers    

Hospitallier order of St John of God - www.saintjohnofgod.org

Presentation Brothers - www.presentationbrothers.org

Brothers of the Sacred Heart - www.brothersofthesacredheart.org

Xaverian Brothers - www.xaverianbrothers.org    


Male clerical orders and mixed orders (of priests and brothers)

Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) - www.thewhitefathers.org.uk

Society of African Missions - www.sma-gb.org

Assumptionists (Augustinians of the Assumption) - www.assumptio.org

Augustinians - www.theaugustinians.org

Augustinian Recollects - www.augustinian-recollects.org.uk

Order of Carmelites - www.carmelite.org

Order of Carmelites Discalced - www.carmelite.org.uk

Claretian Missionaries - www.claret.org.uk

Columban Missionaries - www.columbans.co.uk

Comboni Missionaries - Verona Fathers - www.comboni.org.uk

Consolata Missionary Fathers - www.consolata.org

Sons of Divine Providence - www.sonsofdivineprovidence.org

Society of the Divine Word - www.svdireland.com

Order of Preachers (Dominicans) - www.english.op.org

Congregation of the Holy Ghost (Spiritans) - www.spiritans.co.uk

Franciscans - http://www.friar.org/

Jesuits (Society of Jesus) - www.jesuit.co.uk

Marian Fathers - www.marian.org

Marist Fathers (Society of Mary) - www.maristfathers.org

Oblates of Mary Immaculate - www.oblates.co.uk

Mill Hill Missionaries - www.millhillmissionaries.com

Missionary Society of St Paul - www.mspfathers.org

Montfort Missionaries (Company of Mary) - www.montfort.org.uk

Society of St Paul - www.stpaulsbookshop.blogspot.co.uk

Passionists - www.passionists-uk.org

Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Picpus Fathers) - www.sacred-hearts.net

Rosminians (Institute of Charity) - www.rosmini.org

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart - www.mscvocations.com
Salvatorians (Society of the Divine Saviour) - www.gb.sds.org

Scalabrini Fathers - www.scalabrinilondon.co.uk

Servites (Friar Servants of Mary) - www.servitefriars.org

Society of Christ - www.societyofchrist.co.uk

Vincentians (Congregation of the Mission) - www.vincentians.ie 


Male monastic communities

Benedictines - http://www.ealingmonks.org.uk/

New Ecclesial Communities & Societies of Apostolic Life

Focolare - www.focolare.org.uk


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