What Does Valentine's Day Mean to You?

Edmund Adamus, Director of the Office of Marriage and Family Life, looks at a Christ-centered approach to Valentine's Day.

The opposite of love, said Pope St John Paul II, is not hate, but indifference or to use somebody. This is a very important point for us as Christians to call to mind on this weekend of St. Valentine with all its hyper-sexualised commercialisation and the all too often uncouth preoccupation with the pleasure-seeking culture around us. In truth there ought to be something beautiful about St. Valentine’s Day, and we must avoid all that attempts to taint it with vulgarity.    

So let’s do what we can to make St. Valentine’s be…

A day on which romantic love is justly celebrated among the married, engaged and seriously dating couples, where they should feel inspired to show their affection for each other in extraordinary ways.

A day on which, hopefully, many men might drop to their knees to propose marriage to the woman of their dreams. Let’s pray for a real generosity of heart for men to overcome the commitment phobia of lifelong marriage, and an abundant heart for receptivity of that love in the eyes and souls of the women who desire to share their life with them for life. In short, let’s pray for more and more new and young betrothals-to be, to come in to being on this weekend.

A day perhaps when workaholics might be forced to pause to reflect on what’s most important – the love of their life and the loves in their life and how to cherish- truly cherish that love.

A day for spouses to really take time to simply  rejoice in the gift of each other and rekindle their attractions, hopefully supported by children who will unselfishly give their parent’s permission to have some time alone.

A day of intense prayer perhaps on the part of those who out of long-suffering loneliness ache and yearn for the Lord to send them that someone who will help them to feel loved and loveable.

A remembrance in prayer for the widowed and those who even after a long time still feel the pain and sorrow of a departed one or a love lost.  

Let us invoke St. Valentine to help all of us in our committed relationships to renew the art of communicating our affection and love with deeper sincerity and purpose for the good of the other. In short may St. Valentine, in the spirit of Christ, enable us to rediscover the true art of the language of love for God’s glory and the salvation of souls.

Prayer for Vocations

Lord Jesus Christ, Guide and Shepherd of your people, touch the hearts of our young people, that they may, for the love of you, give their lives in the service of the Church. Renew the hearts of priests, that they may model their lives on the mystery of the Cross, and imitate the Sacred Mysteries they celebrate at the Altar. Strengthen our families, that they may generously support those of their sons whom you call to serve you as priests. Amen.

Prayer for Seminarians

Lord Jesus, we ask your special blessing on those preparing for the Sacred Priesthood. May their hearts overflow with love, understanding, and generosity. May their desire to serve inspire others to answer Your call. Lord Jesus, fill the hearts of seminarians with the fire of your love make them holy as You are Holy. Amen.