Year of Faith Vatican Site

As we prepare for the Year of Faith, we thought it might be helpful to our blog readers if you were able to easily access the Vatican Site for the year of Faith and so we are providing you with the link.

If you would like to see what a wonderful year that is ahead of us, please do take the time to visit the Vatican homepage for the Year of Faith.

Prayer for Vocations

Lord Jesus Christ, Guide and Shepherd of your people, touch the hearts of our young people, that they may, for the love of you, give their lives in the service of the Church. Renew the hearts of priests, that they may model their lives on the mystery of the Cross, and imitate the Sacred Mysteries they celebrate at the Altar. Strengthen our families, that they may generously support those of their sons whom you call to serve you as priests. Amen.

Prayer for Seminarians

Lord Jesus, we ask your special blessing on those preparing for the Sacred Priesthood. May their hearts overflow with love, understanding, and generosity. May their desire to serve inspire others to answer Your call. Lord Jesus, fill the hearts of seminarians with the fire of your love make them holy as You are Holy. Amen.