Growing in Faith

Growing in Faith Vision
  • Parishes which are sound, prayerful and sustainable
  • Priests who are strengthened in their commitment, well formed, sustained in ministry and old age and renewed by new vocations
  • A vibrant programme of outreach to those in need in every parish with the active support of our Diocese

Donate to Growing in Faith

You can support the Cardinal's vision to strengthen our Diocese by completing a pledge form which you can download here

Please print the pledge form, indicate your parish on the top (so that we can link your donation to the parish), provide your contact details, tell us how much you wish to pledge along with the form of payment and the duration (one year to five years), and whether you are eligible to Gift Aid your pledge.

Please post your pledge to the Growing in Faith office:

Growing in Faith

Vaughan House

46 Francis Street

London SW1P 1QN

Additionally, you can call us directly if you have any inquiries. Our telephone number is 020 7798 9099. Our email is