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  • 24 October
    Living as if we believed in God. SCRIPTURE FROM SCRATCH with Sister Anne Walsh OP
  • 28 October
    The Liturgical Year and Catechesis- Kenton
  • 7 November
    Living as if we believed in God. SCRIPTURE FROM SCRATCH with Sister Anne Walsh OP
  • 9 November
    Preparing Children for First Reconciliation – A Basic Introduction- Feltham
  • 14 November
    The Celebration of the Eucharist: Ever Changing, Ever New. Formation for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Workshop 1 - Resources and Initiatives

What do we mean by Evangelisation?  What do we mean by New Evangelisation?

Through Evangelisation we lead people to God through getting to know Jesus Christ.  

New Evangelisation is recognition that the modern world makes new demands on evangelisers, who in turn need to respond in with 'new methods, new ardour, new expression'.

New Evangelisation is directed at:

  • people who do not know Christ - there are many people locally, across the country and across the world who have not yet heard of Jesus Christ, Son of God made man who loves them, offers hope in this world, and promises eternal life in the next world.
  • people who known Christ - but have forgotten, ignored or rejected his teachings and offer of love which conquers all negativity in this world;oten these people have never had a real opportunity to get to know their faith; for the evangeliser it is about the helping them to rediscover Jesus.
  • people who are active in their faith but do not have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ - there will be many faithful parishioners who have not been given opportunities to explore the richness of their faith, and grow in their relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit in the fullness of God the Father.

Jesus commanded his apostles to go and make new disciples.  This is the command that we all share through our baptism: to be evangelisers; to be ever-growing disciples of Jesus Christ and share his love with others so that they too can know him.  We are all called to be 'Missionary Disciples'.

Our Local Mission

In our parish and local community what is our mission as evangelisers? Are we to bring the 'Good News' to those who have not yet heard it?  Do we focus our energies on helping those non-active faithful to 'rediscover Jesus?  Or will our time be best spent helping those who are already active in their faith to grow and become active missionary disciples?

In reality, our local mission will be a combination of all of these aspects, but at any one time there may be focus on a particular area or  initiative.  It can often be through one-off initiatives that we can make a start as missionary disciples; and over time those initiatives can be repeated or built upon so that evangelisation becomes an underlying approach to parish life.

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