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'Thy Kingdom Come'


Join the global wave of prayer
10th - 20th May 2018

‘Thy Kingdom Come’, an ecumenical event for Christians everywhere, started in 2016, and has had a tremendous impact worldwide.

For 2018 there is a renewed focus on the Solemnity of the Ascension as it returns to a Thursday celebration.  Ascension Thursday is a turning point in spreading the Good News.  Jesus, having preached the Gospel message of hope for three years, leading to his passion, death and Resurrection, now hands over his mission from the Father to the Apostles saying, ‘Go and make disciples!’ 

The Mission Team at the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has produced a Pentecost Novena Booklet.  This pocket-sized booklet has been produced in conjunction with the ‘Thy Kingdom Come - global wave of prayer’ for evangelisation which is happening across the world between 10th and 20th May, from Ascension to Pentecost, in the hope that that many more people will come to know Jesus Christ.

The Pentecost Novena Booklet and a range of other resources can be downloaded or purchased through the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ website

To accompany the booklet, the Mission Team at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference has also produced a series of podcasts which can be downloaded from



‘To have a week of prayer for Christian mission is just a wonderful thing.  Please do join in before Pentecost, this drive to pray together for the gift of God’s spirit for our mission. We know how rich Pentecost is in the life of the Church from its very beginning. That richness can be ours too - if we ask God for it.’

Cardinal Vincent Nichols 


Deacon Adrian Cullen

Evangelisation Coordinator


Churches Together in St Albans invite you to a special time of prayer on Wednesday May 16th at 8pm  at Ss Alban & Stephen Church Hall, with Music by 'City Church'