Latest Events
  • 23 February
    Proclaim Spring Gatherings 2019- Commercial Road
  • 23 February
    Formation for Ministers of the Word WORKSHOP 2 : UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD OF THE WORD
  • 25 February
    Taster session. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • 26 February
    A Look at Liturgy- White City
  • 27 February
    The Liturgical Year & Catechesis- Holloway


 Sycamore for parish, school or chaplaincy

“Sycamore Version 2” – a completely new set of films and resources that is being produced, to be launched early in 2019

Sycamore is a programme of evangelisation, catechesis, formation and culture. Using short, high-quality online videos, and a “meet-learn-discuss” methodology, it is designed for use with groups in parishes, schools, chaplaincies and beyond. Participants are invited to learn about the Christian faith, and to share their own ideas and questions, without fear of being judged.
Sycamore forms leaders in a culture of welcome and openness, as well as rooting them in a holistic vision of Catholic Christianity. It includes a set of supplementary resources for individual participants to explore outside the meetings. It also includes an online multi-media platform for Catholic teaching and evangelisation, with videos and resources available for wider use.

Updates via the Sycamore website: