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Teach us to Pray

Banner for Autumn 2013 faith-sharing resource, Teach us to Pray

Teach us to Pray contains six group sessions and supplementary materials on the theme of prayer throughout the course of a Christian life. Also contains daily prayer based on the Divine Office and various references to the teaching of the Church and to Sacred Scripture.



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Listen to the group sessions


Foreword (download 2MB):

Group Session One - The Little Ones (download 8.2MB):

Group Session Two - Childhood (download 7.8MB):

Group Session Three - Youth (download 8.7MB):

Group Session Four - Maturing in Our Faith (download 8.2MB):

Group Session Five - Full of Wisdom (download 8.5MB):

Group Session Six - Close to the Father (download 8.6MB):

Small Groups Summary

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While the Eucharist feeds us for the week ahead so sharing in the word of God sustains us and prepares us for our time together as a parish.


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