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  • 22 November
    Scripture from Scratch: Creation—What kind of Writing? Our concern for the beginning of things and what this means in the present.
  • 24 November
    Workshop 1 for Ministers of the Word: UNDERSTANDING THE WORD WE PROCLAIM
  • 3 December
    First of the two evenings of post-Adoremus reflections on the Eucharistic scripture references using art with Fr Geoffrey Wheaton, SJ


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Radiating Christ

Radiating ChristRadiating Christ contains six group sessions and supplementary materials on the twin themes of faith and mission produced by the Diocese of Westminster, in collaboration with the Home Mission Desk of the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales. Also contains supplementary materials and daily prayer helping readers to reflect on their relationship with Christ and the sharing of their faith.


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Listen to the Group Sessions

Foreword (download 1.7MB):
Group Session One - A Precious Treasure (download 5MB):
Group Session Two - What is Faith? (download 5MB):
Group Session Three - Not What but Who (download 8MB):
Group Session Four - Responding in Love (download 8MB):
Group Session Five - A Place to Grow Together (download 8MB):
Group Session Six - The Sharing of the Gift (download 8MB):
Radiating Christ Prayer (download 1MB):


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While the Eucharist feeds us for the week ahead so sharing in the word of God sustains us and prepares us for our time together as a parish.


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