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In Evangelli Gaudium, Pope Francis tells us: ‘In all the baptized, from first to last, the sanctifying power of the Spirit is at work, impelling us to evangelization. The people of God is holy thanks to this anointing…(EG 119)’.

In Anointed! we explore the anointing with Holy Chrism that takes place at baptism. This new resource for use by small faith-sharing communities or for personal meditation will reflect on what our call to share in Christ’s threefold mission as priest, prophet and king means to each one of us in the course of daily living – how our conscious decision to be a disciple impels us to be missionary.

The booklet will include pages that parents/grandparents may wish to use with their children/grandchildren. A large-print version will also be produced and made available.

The booklets will be £2.00 each (or £1.50 each for orders of 10 or more).  Order by email (, by phone  020 7798 9152,. Alternatively you can order via the diocesan website and pay by card –

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While the Eucharist feeds us for the week ahead so sharing in the word of God sustains us and prepares us for our time together as a parish.


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