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8th December 2020 – 8th December 2021


‘Pope Francis has declared a year dedicated to St Joseph, from 8 December 2020 to 8 December 2021. He says: “Each of us can discover in Joseph - the man who goes unnoticed, a daily, discreet and hidden presence - an intercessor, a support and a guide in times of trouble" (Patris Corde - With a Father's Love - Pope Francis). Let's do that. Let's ask St Joseph to keep a watchful eye on this family of the Church, to intercede on our behalf’.  

– Cardinal Vincent Nichols



Ideas for Parishes:

·         A Novena of Prayer, 11th – 19th March.

·         A Consecration to St Joseph on 19th March or 1st May (St Joseph the Worker) 

·         Making Wednesdays a day of special devotion to St Joseph.

·         Placing an image of St Joseph in a place of honour in the Sanctuary 

·         Encourage the custom of bringing an image of St Joseph into the kitchen at home. 

·         Preaching on St Joseph during Marriage Week 10th - 16th May

·         Blessing Fathers at Mass on Fathers’ Day, Sunday 20th June.

Planned Events:

 ·        ' the spouse of Mary of Nazareth, Saint Joseph stands at the crossroads between the Old and New Testaments.'  (Patris Corde) - Online Talk by Fr John Hemer MHM on Thursday 29th April 2021 at 7pm  - to register contact  

·         An online event being planned with Caritas Westminster around the Memorial of St Joseph the Worker, exploring the Theology of Work, and drawing on themes from Fratelli Tutti, Patris Corde, and Let Us Dream (date to follow).

·         An online event with St Joseph’s Hospice and ‘The Art of Dying Well’, reflecting on end-of-life care (on the lead up to this year’s 'Day for Life', Sunday 20th June), and exploring what it means to invoke St Joseph as Patron of a Good Death – Thursday 17th June, 7.00pm (further details to follow).

·         Autumn Season of six-week faith-sharing resources for parishes, developing the themes of Patris Corde (details to follow in the Summer).

·         An online Scripture Lecture reflecting on Pope Francis’ description in Patris Corde of “Saint Joseph… at the crossroads between the Old and New Testaments” (date to follow).


Pastoral Ideas

·         Explore in the parish the call and gift of “fatherhood” (including “spiritual fatherhood): collect and share stories from fathers; form a 'Mens’ Group' or a 'Fathers’ Prayer Group'. 

·         Celebrate the diversity of the parish and the enrichment brought by migrants to our Diocese throughout the years, inspired by St Joseph as Patron of Migrants, and of our Ethnic Chaplaincies too.

·         Foster a knowledge of and love for our vulnerable brothers and sisters in the Holy Land, perhaps by supporting ‘Friends of the Holy Land’ ( 

  • ·         Finding a way to honour – and to use – any carpenters in your congregation or wider community.