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    CANCELLED-Formation for Liturgical Ministers- Vaughan House

Landings - welcoming returning Catholics


  • is for Returning Catholics

This reconciliation process will help you and your faith community to welcome inactive Catholics who want to take another look at the Church, and to celebrate their sacred moment of return by giving them a “safe place to land.”

  • is simple, yet subtle in its effects

Since 1989, the lay-oriented process has successfully brought returning Catholics back to active participation in the faith.

  • is a lay ministry

This program trains and engages active lay Catholics to welcome those who are searching, and wondering.

  • encourages storytelling

Each person’s journey is special and sacred in the eyes of God. The meetings focus on sharing faith stories and reflecting on Catholic themes.

A Landings Session consists of eight-ten weekly meetings (1½ hour to 2 hours) and looks like this:

  • Check-in time and opening prayer
  • Spiritual journey storytelling
  • Response to story
  • Reflection on Catholic themes:
    • Who Is God?
    • Why Follow Jesus?
    • The Holy Spirit and the Church
    • Baptism and Confirmation
    • Eucharist and Liturgy
    • Sin and Reconciliation
    • Vocation
    • Suffering, Death, and Resurrection
    • Catholic Moral Life
  • Prayer
  • Facilitator’s reflection
  • Closing prayer



Landings 2

Landings 2: Living in the Spirit, a follow-up programme which builds not only on Landings but can be a next step to other parish programmes forming mature disciples to take their place in the parish and in the mission of the Church.


Landings2 is a new program for people who have made a commitment to return to the Catholic faith and who desire more of the learning, prayer, and community that drew them back to the Church in the first place.

Landings2 is designed to sustain those who are ready to make the transition from initiation to mature discipleship. This new stage will assist in deepening your spiritual commitment as you journey and learn what true discipleship means.

Landings2 promotes growth in spiritual wisdom. When it comes to the mystery of God, there is always more room to explore and grow in divine love. After all, being a disciple of Christ is not simply a matter of registering in a parish, but walking with him through the whole of life’s journey.