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Home Mission Sunday 15th Sept 2019

On the weekend of 14th/15th September 2019, we celebrate Home Mission Sunday - an opportunity to look closer to home as we grow Missionary Parishes and form Missionary Disciples.  Here are a few ideas of activities you might like to consider doing in your parish over the coming weeks:

  • WELCOME those Catholics in your local community who are not active in their faith:
    • Welcome families with children starting school – with a blessing and a coffee morning on the Saturday
    • Invite family members or friends who haven’t been to church for a while, to make a  visit – to a Mass or other liturgy that is particularly welcoming for them - with tea & cake to follow, and parishioners ready to welcome them!
    • For those who can’t get to Sunday Mass because of old age, disability or home commitments -  how can parishioners rally round to help? 
  • REACH OUT to those who may be interested in hearing more about Jesus Christ and his Church:
    • To passers-by - open wide the doors of the Church for the afternoon, with parishioners there to welcome and give information
    • Invite those who are married to a non-Catholic to bring their spouse along to a social on the evening after Mass, where they can share with other couples their thoughts on the importance of faith in their lives.
    • Update the website and Facebook pages with a welcoming message!
  • INSPIRE  parishioners to look more closely at their faith and at new ways to grow in their faith and to evangelise:
    • The Home Mission Team at the Bishops’ Conference for England & Wales has produced a number of resources based around the question ‘Who do you say that I am?’taken from the Gospel of Home Mission Sunday -  
      • ‘Talking Jesus’ booklet – parish teams are encouraged to explore the ‘Talking Jesus’ research which looks at public attitudes to Christian life – which many might find surprising.  
      • ‘Who do you say that I am’ postcards– these can be used as a simple inspirational giveaway or used to gauge where the congregation is with Jesus, so that the evangelisation team have a better idea how to approach evangelisation in the parish.

Packs have been sent to parishes, and more resources are available from

To upload the content for Home Mission Sunday follow the link on the  Catholic News website;


Of course, you may have your own ideas of how to take forward.  Whatever you decide, I hope that these few ideas and available resources will help to make Home Mission Sunday the start of a new adventure in faith for people in your community.


Deacon Adrian Cullen

Evangelisation Coordinator

Diocese of Westminster

46 Francis Street

London SW1P 1QN

O207 798 9150