The Priest: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

In the first lecture of this series Fr Aidan Nichols explores the priesthood as understood and lived out in the past and in the present, and then concludes with some reflections on the future.   After a brief account of the origins of the ministerial priesthood in the intentions of Christ, he describes in sum how the order took its classical Western form in the period following the Council of Trent (1545-63).  He then looks at the difficulties it encountered in the period following the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).  Finally he ends with some prescriptions for its future

Dr Aidan Nichols is a Dominican priest based for the last quarter century at Blackfriars, Cambridge, and the author of some forty books on different aspects of Catholic and ecumenical theology

Adult Formation Summary


Pope John Paul II wrote that the 'formation and enrichment' of all members of the Church will enable 'the proclamation of Christ to reach people, mould communities, and have a deep and incisive influence in bringing Gospel values to bear in society and culture.'