Is God? Who God? The Existence and Nature of God

Faith in God? Does it Matter? The existence and nature of God

We live in a post-modern world in which any idea of truth is challenged and human beings are widely seen as essentially advanced animals. Science claims to be able to offer a total explanation of reality. The idea of God or a transcendent realm is widely dismissed as a primitive notion whose time has passed. The gods of the modern era are omni-present: sex, technology, money and conspicuous consumption now take the place of the old pantheon of Greek and Roman gods and many bow down at their altars. Holding fast to the notion of worship of and obedience to a creator and sustainer God is often seen as a childish foible. Humans are seen as essentially evolved animals whose life has no meaning or significance beyond seeking happiness and relief from pain.

Dr Peter VardyIn this lecture, Dr. Peter Vardy, Vice-Principal of Heythrop College, the specialist philosophy and theology college of the University of London, explores the rational grounds to maintain the existence of God and to speak of this God in specific ways.

Peter Vardy is the author of eleven books translated into eight languages and is regarded as a leading expert on religious and values education. He was a key-note speaker at the UNESCO conference in Australia in Australia on values education, at the UN Human Rights conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2006, and at the International Baccalaureate Principals’ conference in Hanoi in 2007. He runs the largest Sixth Form Philosophy of Religion and Ethics conference at regional venues across Britain.

Faith Matters Series
Adult Formation Summary

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The Agency for Evangelisation is working to help parishes nurture the faith formation of adults, affording all an understanding of what the Church teaches and a vocabulary with which to explain their faith and reach out to others. Alongside the faith sharing resources it produces for small groups, the Agency supports adult faith formation by helping parishes develop their own pastoral plan and by organising talks and events around the diocese which parishes can tap into.

There are many successful adult faith formation programmes to choose from. Each of them has something to offer and can play a valuable part in the development of a comprehensive parish plan.