Faith Matters - Spring 2009

Four lectures about the big questions affecting today’s world

The Agency for Evangelisation, together with the Mount Street Jesuit Centre, presents ‘Faith Matters’ a series of lectures connecting key elements of Catholic and Christian belief with the issues affecting Cardinal's Crest with Mount Street Logotoday’s world. The main aim of the lectures is to provoke discussion on the ‘big questions’ of today: the existence of God; how Catholics look at the credit crunch and economic issues; belief in Jesus Christ; and finally the topical issue of how faith relates to public life in Britain. We hope to provide intellectual stimulation and, through the personal witness of speakers to their faith in diverse ways, open a window on key aspects of Christian and Catholic belief.

The ‘Faith Matters’ lectures are being held at Westminster Cathedral Hall, Ambrosden Avenue, London SW1. All lectures start at 7.00pm, except for the lecture on 1st April which starts at 7.30pm.

After each lecture, the full text or lecture slides and a video recording of the lecture, and an online discussion forum, will be available on this webpage.

Faith Matters Series
Faith Matters