Faith Matters Advent 2014 - Does God Exist?


The Faith Matters series resumes for Advent 2014 when the theme of the talks will centre on ‘Does God Exist?’ 

The location for all the talks is Vaughan House, 46 Francis St, SW1P 1QN, beginning at 7.00pm – 8.30pm. Suggested donation for the talk is £3. Tea/coffee will be provided. Please register at or or call 020 7931 6078

Thursday 13th November: ‘Reasons for Belief’ by Fr Peter Hunter OP

A discussion of what kind of evidence counts as a reason for discussion about God. Do we need reasons to believe at all? Is evidence is the right thing to look at to believe?

Thursday 27th November: ‘Arguments for and against God’ by Fr Peter Hunter OP

There are many traditional arguments that claim to establish that there is a God? Do any of these arguments work? On the other hand many are disturbed in their faith by suffering and wickedness in the world around them. Do these provide a reason to say that there is no God?

Thursday 4th December: ‘Wrestling with God: Faith and Freedom in the Christian Tradition’ by Fr Nicholas Crowe OP

The need to wrestle with the question of God's existence is often driven by a deeper more visceral reaction for or against God. Such strong emotions are entirely unsurprising: what we think about God inevitably shapes how we think about humanity. Does obedience to the will of God mean abandoning our freedom?

Fr. Nicholas Paul Crowe OP is a Dominican Friar based at St. Dominic's Priory, London. In July he was ordained priest after completing his theological studies at Blackfriars, Oxford. He now works as an assistant priest at Our Lady of the Rosary and St Dominic's parish.

Thursday 11th December: ‘Heavenly Horisons: A Theological reflection on Suffering and Love’ by Fr Nicholas Crowe OP

In the life of Jesus we see perfect love embodied in a human life, yet this life of love led Jesus to crucifixion and death. What does this tell us about the connection between suffering and love in a fallen world?

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