For all the Saints

The Saints: Why do we need them and what do they look like?

We are so used to seeing statues and images of the saints, and many Catholics will instinctively pray to them and ask for their   help. But we don't often stop to think about their place in the great Christian mystery, or their significance in our lives.

In Part 1 of this presentation, Fr Stephen Wang will explain the theology of ‘the Communion of Saints': What is the call to sanctity? How are we united with each other through faith and prayer? Why are some individuals canonised and put before us as spiritual friends and role-models?

In Part 2, Hannah Vaughan-Spruce will examine in more detail the lives of some recent saints: What does holiness actually look like? What common threads run through the lives of the great saints? How can we ourselves grow in holiness in the ordinary circumstances of our lives?

Faith Matters Series