Faith Matters - Autumn 2009

Fundamentals of Faith

As a Catholic what do you believe about the Bible?" "What does the Catholic Church say about morality?" "And what difference does what Cardinal's Crest with Mount Street Logoyou believe make to the way we live our lives in today's society?" Such are the kinds of questions we might be asked by friends, at work, or in the family. They are also the very questions posed by those enquiring about Catholicism in our parishes, schools and colleges. They represent a great opportunity to explain Catholic Faith and life and so engage in the call to evangelise. Yet sometimes we feel somewhat unprepared. There are some gaps remaining unfilled in our knowledge of what the Church says.

This series is designed to fill some of these gaps and to take us deeper into the treasures of our Catholic Faith. Each week an invited speaker will present the basics on a particular topic and invite us to reflect on how what we believe makes a difference to our personal lives and to the wider society of which we are a part.

Faith Matters Series
Faith Matters