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In this section you will find a number of relevant Church documents and some suggestions and guidance on parish pastoral planning. Also, here you will find some reflections on the data derived from a number of research projects.

Catholic Faith is firstly about an encounter with Jesus Christ through whom we know God, how to love him and serve him in this world; and through the power of Holy Spirit, to join God in the everlasting joy of heaven, when this life is over. Through knowing Jesus Christ more deeply, following him more closely and sharing our faith in him with others, we are formed and transformed into his true disciples. Through the ages the Church guides the faithful in their shared mission to the world.

Encounter and Transformation

We are invited to meet and to know Jesus Christ, to develop a personal relationship with the Son of God. Through Holy Scripture and the teaching of the Church we learn to trust in the Father’s love, obey his will and to grow in personal holiness  Through prayer and loving others we put on the mind of Christ and so are transformed into true and faithful disciples.

Active in the Church

In our family, in our parish community and in the universal Church, our personal transformation leads us to concrete action in growing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, a sign of new life  and salvation for all peoples. Through growing in faith, we grow in commitment to the mission of the Church.

Missionary Discipleship

In following the Good News of Jesus Christ, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we reach out to all in need, and all those who have yet to know the love of the Gospel.  We become missionary disciples who take up Christ’s mission to transform the world so that all may come to know the fullness of Mercy in God the Father.