Journeying with the Bible

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Journeying with the Bible is a series of lectures given by Fr Javier Ruiz-Ortiz PhD and Sr Monica Cardona STL as part of the celebrations for 'The God Who Speaks' Year of the Word 2020.

Journeying with the Bible is now online. To register for any of the talks please contact:

Upcoming talks:


29th September 2020 - Pentateuch
13th October 2020 - Historical Books
27th October 2020 - The Prophets
10th November 2020 - Poetry and Wisdom in the Bible
24th November 2020 - Major themes of the New Testament
12th January 2021 - The story of Jesus according to Mark, Matthew and Luke
26th January 2021 - John
9th February 2021 - Paul
23rd February 2021 - Catholic Letters
9th March 2021 - Apocalypse


Previous talks:


Lecture 1:  Matthew, a guide for 2020

Lecture 2: What do we mean by Bible?

Lecture 3: Who speaks in the Bible? To whom does he speak?

Lecture 4: Where does the Bible come from and when does it take place?

Lecture 5: How do we know it really happened?

Lecture 6:  The Major Themes of the Old Testament